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royal skate team

About the team
Shoutouts to the people out sk8n
Friends sk8 pics
the meeting place
this is for any pics yall peps want to send "sk8 pics"

About the team

here is more info on rst.....

On this page, I'll introduce the info on the team!

ok here is the story our team started 3 years ago. first being named ROCKET SKATE TEAM,thenover a period of time people left and people came. then it was RAZOR SKATE TEAM, no one liked it then it got changed again to REVOLUTION SKATE TEAM. wel come to fined out it was some one elses team and they got mad.and thats how we came to be ROYAL SKATE TEAM and incase if ther is a team name like this we just go by R.S.T.


Favorite Quote

Go sk8

this site has ben created by the one and only andrew keech

Favorite team


RST is the best team ever any good videos that anyone wants to send us to me in the last part of it send it in!!!!!!

skate r.s.t or die!